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2022 – 2023 


Visual Development
Asset Design

Let’s! Revolution!

I was involved in the year-long process that was developing BUCK’s first game, Let’s! Revolution! 

I helped develop the design strategy behind game assets, make concept art, and illustrate final game assets. I was also responsible for creating the key art and all marketing materials.
Check the game out on Steam here ︎︎︎ 

︎︎︎ Announcement Trailer

Alongside the audio wizards at Antfood, our internal team of BUCK directors, artists and game developers came together to make an experience players will certainly enjoy.

For more information, check out the game’s microsite here ︎︎︎


How everything comes together. Our team had to think about how icons, player characters, effects, health indicators, and animations would all tie in together. The result is something beautifully vibrant.

︎︎︎ Preview of... go play it yourself! ︎

Pre-production & Visual Development

︎︎︎ Visual development for the region named Saffron, home to playable character Mitzy.
︎︎︎ A lot of early discussion went into design strategy for the tile artwork. Density of design was decided using calculations of how often certain tiles would be seen throughout a playthrough.

The above led to our prototype tile set! Design strategy we aligned upon for Saffron was our north star for executing the other tile sets.

Region Assets

Of all the assets made for the final game, I was largely responsible for making the tiles. This design task was a balance between world-building depth and maintaining legibility when viewed wholistically. 
︎︎︎ Capitol, Saffron, and Phlox region tilesets

︎︎︎ I also did the background artwork for the Saffron region.

Key Art

To wrap up the year-long process, I made the final key artwork and all other marketing assets used in press and official merchandise.


CD Michael Highland
Producers Marla Anyomi, Celine Nguyen
AD Emily Suvanvej
Animation Lead Thea Glad

↗ Full credits coming soon.