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Hi, I’m Kuu. I am a concept artist, designer, and illustrator based out of New York City. I love seeing how color plays a role in day-to-day expression and storytelling. Most recently, I worked as a designer and illustrator at Mozilla and BUCK.

I am available for full-time and freelance projects in August 2024, contact me if interested. Resume available upon request.

︎︎︎ It’s Nice That – Let’s Revolution
︎︎︎ The Indie Informer – Let’s Revolution
︎︎︎ PC Gamer – Let’s Revolution
︎︎︎ It’s Nice That – Give Us Our Flowers
︎︎︎ PRINT – Give Us Our Flowers
︎︎︎ It’s Nice That – We the People
︎︎︎ Children's and Family Emmy Award 2021
in Outstanding Short Form Program – We the People

Color Design, 
Illustration, Visual Development

INSTAGRAM            @kuu.something

Airbnb, Apple, Chase, EA Sports, Google, Meta, Nike, Riot Games, Spotify, Twitter, Visible, Waze