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Waze Holiday

Waze came to us with an ask for a couple of billboard and mobile graphics directed toward holiday travels, and wanted us to incorporate the playfulness and joy the holiday season, all while aligning with their own established brand illustration style. I helped to design graphic illustrations for a couple of their prepared taglines.

︎︎︎ Below are my thumbnails for one of the three taglines I helped concept.
︎︎︎ Final illustration
︎︎︎ Below is the process for another tagline, it was an interesting challenge to figure out how ghost cars look in Waze’s pre-existing vehicle language.
Further exploration in composition and color. ︎︎︎
︎︎︎ Final illustration
︎︎︎ Thumbnail exploration for a third tagline and final illustration.
Aside from these three taglines, these are other designs I helped with iteration and final deliverables for.


CD Max Vogel
Designers José Flores, Carmel Gatchalian